How to Verify 1xbet Account?

1xbet stands as one of the best-known international bookmaker sites, enabling all sectors of society to enjoy significant profits and benefits when betting on a wide range of sports. A wide range of sports and games that you may or may not have heard of are available on the site. If you can’t find the game you want to bet on this site, there is no other site that will. Registration at 1xbet is so simple and straightforward that anyone can easily register.

In addition to betting on sports, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy. In order to bet on sports, you can also bet on games such as League of Legends and Angry Birds. The registration process is done using your phone number and requires you to enter your country of residence. The above details will help you learn more about 1xbet authentication and the different forms of identification.

Basic steps for account verification

The 1xbet account verification process is considered a mandatory procedure, thanks to which the bookmaker will be able to ensure the security of your data stored on the accounts in the system. Licensed Gaming Club is an honest online casino with a good reputation, good returns and instant payouts. To be able to withdraw large amounts of winnings, you need to pass verification and only then will the system approve the withdrawal of funds. Thanks to verification, the bookmaker understands that this request option is at the will of the account holder and does not serve the purpose of fraudulent actions. Here are the types of documents you may be required to provide as part of the procedure:

  • ID Card: Front/Back Copy Passport;
  • Cover Page Copy + Photo Driver’s License;
  • Front/Back Copy Utility Bill;
  • Address Verification Copy + Your Name Must Be Visible Local Tax Bill;
  • Name to Display Copy addresses.

The record holder for demand is identity verification at 1xbet. The method is simple: players need to send a photo of the back and front of their ID card. In some cases, if proof of identity is not available, players may submit a photo of their passport or driver’s license as proof of identity. These documents are used primarily for account verification at 1xbet. In fact, all clients use such documents during the verification process.

Customer debit card details may also be requested upon request. Due to the fact that transactions are carried out using real money on users’ cards, this option for providing data will also ensure that the bookmaker’s security service is not using the account for fraudulent or other purposes.

There may also be requests from security to provide copies of utility bill statements along with an image of the debit card. The relevance of the data on these copies should not exceed three months. For registration at 1xbet, you need to specify your current work address and name in the keypad. This helps to verify that your registration info is correct to prevent fraud. If fraud is detected by experienced experts, it can lead to a very large number of problems.

When providing documents upon request, provide only high-quality photographs of documents in high quality, as well as only relevant information without errors. This will help you avoid difficulties in verifying your account and will speed up the process of starting to place bets and withdraw winnings. If the outcome is favorable, the verification process will be carried out quickly and you will be invited to use the bookmaker’s services to the fullest. If you do not pass verification, you will not be able to draw conclusions; your account will be blocked until the circumstances are clarified.

When registering an account, you must enter current information, which can then be sent to the bookmaker’s security service for confirmation upon request. It is important to provide documents in a high-quality and readable form.

The above manual will allow you to qualitatively and quickly go through all the procedures for registration and verification of data on the website and in the 1xbet app. The security of users’ personal data is the primary task of the bookmaker’s service. It is necessary to be diligent in reviewing the foregoing info so that you can acquire the proper knowledge of the verification process before creating an account on 1xbet.